Extreme Overclocking: 14 World Records | Galax Overclocking Carnival | Wuhan, China

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  • EX Muslim Mol7ed

    Thank god I am a console player and not part of this embarrassing nerd crowd. Nicknames and sunglasses indoors?? really.


    The Somebody Ever tried watercooling with a car radiator that should be handling the extremes put in the nicely

  • Hye yeon Han

    So where is the video about the reasons why people overclock??

  • BlueMistiz

    What is the intro song? It's so goood....

  • Daffa Razan

    lucky_n00b indonesiaaaaa

  • OneSmugTrap

    if u oc these HAF gpu more than it will glitch out in 3dmark

  • fakhrur rozi

    om@alva is that you? Indonesian (y)

  • Wafers

    Look at that smog yo. LMAO

  • James Maribbay

    I will play Some games with high setting while you cooling my Gpu

  • Figo Marsa

    Proud to be indonesian

  • Gotallofthem1

    Wow so much people walking around and so many open container of liquid nitrogen. Wonder if its ever fallen on anyone?

  • Zug G

    what the fuck is this? how did i find it? this is cool as hell. PCs are so cool. they are harmonious capitalism and culture; the last realm of True consumer customization! this is such a fun thing to dump money into. thank you Youtube algorithm

  • Kings Crown

    4:40 they doing a mannequin challenge?


    but will it run ARMA 3 ultra settings

  • Jan Sparenberg

    Can somebody please tell me what i need to Watercool a gtx 1080 HoF?

  • Marcus Taylor

    Meeting team MLG and Alza OC for my first ever go at benching on LN2 over the weekend.

  • Cable Butkus

    It's now on my bucketlist to have to use a blowtorch to kick start my CPU

  • woof

    0:48 what is this keyboard?

  • B!tch Slap

    if you want your pc cooled when you oc...go to antartica

  • SalandFindles

    Back when this channel was lit.

  • s1mble vincere

    All Hail to lucky_n00b

  • Johannes Coetzee

    Take off your sunglasses

  • ¡Shoko!

    It can runs Minecraft? HAHA

  • Knowurself

    Shoud have shared some fucking numbers???

  • James Ch

    they have high end hardware but pirating games lol

  • Bryce Forsythe

    Most of air is N2, (~70%n2 ~21%o2, trace o3 co2 ch4 etc)

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