022418 How I use Mining Pool Hub to Increase Profits

022418 How I use MininigPoolHub to increase my crypto profits.
NiceHash was a great starter for me, but with the profits in NiceHash down so low I decided to find a more profitable and easy to use solution.
In this video I show you the basics of how I use https://miningpoolhub.com and exchange my coins at a more profitab
le time.

I will not monetize the channel (we all despise adverts :)
Donations are always greatly appreciated but neither expected nor required.

Exchanges (Alternatives to CoinBase - Canada Friendly)

Sign Up For CoinSquare here:
Sign Up for QuadrigaCX here:

GPU Crypto Mining:

Download Awesome Miner here:
And I use MiningPoolHub

HashFlare - Cloud Mining

Price Analysis:

By sharing our information and knowledge, we all profit!

Disclaimer - I am NOT a financial advisor and this is NOT investment advice.
I am one guy with a few video cards mining with my home rigs and sharing the experience with you.
  • netochukwu anierobi

    Is this still working

  • nader 7


  • xose vi

    Something that puzzles me is that you mention you use several pools with Awesome Miner and MultiPoolMiner. And I wonder.., what happens if you mine at Zpool? Do those earnings go to your MiningPoolHub account?

  • Nicsun Holder

    LoL, Same same. I wish someone's mega farm one day just by accident mine my bitcoin wallet for like half an hour and half a coin or so before they catch on to their mistake. I will Laugh my Ass off. N'joy the vids

  • xose vi

    Thanks for the vid! The trick to switch a coin in Auto Exchange to OFF or ON is pretty awesome. I started doing that myself, because I had set everything to ON before, with the coins I got from MultiPoolMiner using a 6 Vega 64 rig and a RX 570 + 1060 3GB rig.I switched off some of them. I've noticed that you want to keep Bitcoin Gold... That's an interesting choice because it is a great coin, cool project, imho. That being said. Have you thought of keeping Zclassic (another great coin) too? Bitcoin Gold and Zclassic are going to merge and become a single coin called Bitcoin Private, on February 28th and the price is expected to increase by then. Best regards!

  • DaveTech CA


  • Tradingfives

    Enjoy your vids. They provide useful, practical information that can be a real time saver. Can you explain on how many of your computers miningpoolhub and awesome miner are installed? Are they both on the same machine or are you remoting one or both of them into a central control station?

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