Mining ethereum on nVidia GTX 680 2gb

Testing GTX 680 for ethereum mining
  • zabmen MTL

    hi i have gtx 960 2gb and it didnt work for eth can you tell me what software are you using to make your gtx work for eth ? of you can share it please

  • Joseph DiSalvo

    What version of Claymore are you using?


    sir looking at this video I can tell that something is certainly wrong with what you are doing... my gtx670 will mine ethereum at approx 10-12MH/s and your gtx680 is doing just 2...

  • Kosmos Andreevich

    When i try to mine GTX 680 i have an error OUT OF MEMORY. I try to use genoil 1.1.6/1.1.7 to mine

  • Idrian10

    I got 1.7mh using windows 8.1 drivers 378.49, should i downgrade to windows 7 in order to get more performance?

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