Amazing Value! Octominer Mining Motherboard!

Check out this motherboard mad specifically for mining. Don't worry about risers or cpu purchases ever again. The octominer supports up to 8 gpus for cryptocurrency mining.


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But a shirt!

  • Maasai Singleton

    So with something like this, could start with one GPU and add more later?


    since they are x16 pcie slots, i wonder if u could use riser expanders to add additional cards?

  • emt56399

    The issue I've had that's prevented me from picking this up is the limited purchase options. Cryptos only no cc purchase from octominer. So if you preorder and don't get it you have no recourse

  • Isaac Hawn

    Great review for a great product. I should probably start stocking up on these before the next bull run when they're all sold out.

  • Robert Savilonis

    This guys voice is so annoying

  • Vizerei

    Awesome a video that's half going over basic bios...jfc 👎

  • Iyad Subh

    I can't find this product anywhere

  • Bills

    i would leave this board open air only

  • Yi Yin Yu

    For mining board review, you missed the most important question, can it run 8 card stable out of box. The problem for me with these boards is I spent a lot of time to find the right bios settings to get all cards running stable.

  • Necro Nemesis

    Slick. Let's see it chooch.

  • Chris Dietrich

    and it's gone....

  • Fl Fun

    How can I transfer my USB Hive OS Drive on Octominer to my 120GB SSD? SOAT I need some help?

  • David Dougal

    How much power does a riser use so I know how much power I would be saving if I didn't have to use risers?

  • dooloowoohoo

    I used one of these, the cards get insanely hot. Amazing Value? NO! Good luck.

  • Skimf

    use the first two for cards that use vga extra power cable that plugs into them use all the vga power cables on the mobo for gpus that dont require like a 6 pin etx. like gtx 1050's or rx 560 or 550's

  • Landy Boone

    This board has a MSATA no a M.2 port

  • Daniele Scalone

    long ass video for a mb keep it shorter

  • Christopher Keith

    Its truly an awesome motherboard, i got the first batch with the intel 4415u in it. Im running 8x RX480 8gb Visiontek with samsung mem. I am also running HiveOS mining Ethereum on claymore in mode 1. Total hash is 240 +/-5 mh/s for the rig with the current bios settings and only pulling 1210 watts from the wall for the whole rig to include fans and monitor. I would really like for you to dive into Hive OS and give everyone an idea of its capabilities as the majority of the Hive OS info on the web is in Russian.

  • Sinclairs Virgo

    do octominer website shipping oversea to china or japan?or indonesia?.....because im living over there

  • ryan williams

    What do you think the ROI on 8x gtx 1030's are? Difficulty is always increasing. Awesome product though.

  • John Mccauley

    Could someone help me for smos? Im constantly getting "gpu 4 hangs on OpenCL" and it gets less hashrate than windows. When i hover over the hashrate, it says "dual mining:" but with no speed. This kinda frustrates me... :(

  • Serge Aleks

    I understand that it is just a review of a new product. But do you think that octominer M/B kit could really help to save some extra cash for mining purposes? I guess the idea of that type of a kit is to use it with a server chasis, right ? Otherwise would not it be more cost effective to buy a newer motherboard that can hold 19 or more cards and then save on CPUs and PSU and Rams... Could you comment on that please? BTW, for using with a chasis I liked M/B from a few relatively new Chinese brands like Onda.

  • zodiacfml

    If i started to hate riser cards, then I'll take this. For now, risers haven't given me a hard time.

  • S. M. Allen

    I'm running this with a couple of 1070Ti's at the moment. Manufacturer recommends to powr the first two 12v inputs (near the CPU) as long as you aren't running 1050's or similar that need the feed. They warned against powering the motherboard (all 5 12v inputs) from two PSU's if you need to power 5 12v power inputs. However, if you have 1060's, 1070's and such, you power only the first two 12v inputs and then fill 3 PCIe slot GPU's from your number one power supply, then you cab power the GPU's only by cable for the last 5 PCIe slots. Very simple to setup and I'm running Win 10 Pro 64 bit. I'm using a Spotswood custom open frame for it ($100) and a EVGA 750w PSU which will run the card and GPU's in slots 1-3. I will add a 2nd PSU for slots 4-8 when I fill those, hopefully with the new Nvidia cards coming out. I added a USB header so I can plug a keyboard and mouse in and still have a USB slot for a USB WIFI Adapter. So far I love it. No risers, easy installation, runs without a hick up.

  • Poet Tree

    Does octominer have different bios or just logo on boot up screen from other mobo that looks the same but just without the logo on the fan?

  • Casual Adubs

    After getting that all you need to do is find 8 GPUs for under $1000 each that you can buy at once. lol

  • Stephen Walker

    Correction. That's msata not m.2 m.2 has screw in middle msata has it to the left or right of the card.

  • Krunoslav Vrabec

    Ive did a little research on my own, turns out there are two major cons: 1st is resale values, 2nd is that pcx 16x slots are too close and you need to purchase case which is expensive and very loud. Anyways nice video as always, keep up the good work.

  • DaveTech CA

    Love your videos and that board but dude no ground strap? Taught Intel servers and CompTIA fir years ....10000 volts to even feel the zap and only 20 to damage a chip. Intel states out right if you touch a Xeon processor without a strap it's junk. Ya chips are that sensitive why do you think they pack them so carefully in anti static? You zap a chip you will never know it. When you touch the door knob and zap hurts that's 35 to 40 thousand volts Chips micro crack at 20v no kidding. Used to have a static meter in my Intel server classes to show the guys. Love your vids but please take proper tech precautions. When air is dry like winter static is really bad. I have seen the damage under electron microscope at Intel in CA. Might work fine but you definitely shorten the life and can experience weird issues in future. 20 bucks for a good strap man. I guess something to be said for having a certified Tech work on high end servers. I guess if equipment is free it doesn't matter sigh.

  • Fl Fun

    Your channel plus Voskcoin, BitsBTrippin, are my favorites! Thanks for awesome content!

  • Nickel Tabs

    It a nice board, but the spacing is only 2 inch, can you find one with 2.5-inch spacing and do a review

  • Rice Gaming

    What do you recommend for OS if not windows?

  • TheKhashMoney

    2018 and no hdmi deal breaker

  • Sebastian Dienst

    was about to give it a shot... then I saw my profits went down by 50% tonight... now I am looking for jobs, not mining hardware :(

  • ZaneMasterX

    Rebranded China mass produced motherboard that you can get for WAY cheaper without the brand name.

  • Pascal Dijkstra

    What are your thoughts on bitcoinz?

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