What is Multisig Technology?

How do you keep your digital currency safe? Jerry Brito, Executive Director of the Coin Center, explains how multisignature technology provides increased security for digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

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  • Michael

    Too much reliance on a third party, no different from a bank.

  • Jerry Davis

    I still don't get it 100%. One key on lost or stolen phone, and the other with your service provider. It makes two out of three keys needed. Isn't that right? Further more, couldn't service provider get hold of your private key during transaction?

  • Mr.MaximusPrime

    Mulit-sig tech is only compelling if you actually achieve equitable, distributed trust. But here, it looks like you'll still have to rely on the service provider to ultimately confirm every transaction. So which key has most control during the transaction? How is this different from your credit union?

  • Gabriel Martins

    I'm interested in making Brazillian Portuguese subtitles for this video.Would you approve them, if I did translate it?

  • Shutter Eff3ct

    Good solution for single point of failure, right?

  • Samuele Agostinelli

    So, if I stop trusting the multisig service provider or if the company goes out of business , can I use my personal key and me safe key to move the money into another account? Do I just need 2 keys out of 3 no matter which key it is?


    I am using a ledger nano s

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