ZCash Miner 6x GPU ZEC - Nvidia Mining Rigs - 48x GTX 1070 - Posiedon Prototype

The beginning of our mining journey.
  • Zoltan V.

    Hello! First of all, thank you very much for sharing your videos, they are really helpful!As I see you are quite experienced with the Geforce 1070 cards so I would like to ask you just a quick tip.I just bought 6x MSI 1070 Gaming X, which has 8 and 6 pins as well. Can I ask you a recommendation for the Power Supply? Should I buy 1 or 2 PSU's, maybe which one would be the best for my rig?Thank you in advice!

  • Zemeus Gamer

    Hello can you cantacte me ahmedbel28@icloud.com

  • Gaming XP

    But can it run crysisNope

  • Amar K.

    how much sols and power?

  • Unregroz

    Fuck you bitcoin minernow I can't get a titan XP

  • Rafał Lewera

    Fuck all this miners :V

  • Jazagivid

    How many card failures per month?

  • xinxilas xin

    All running good until now? I started with 3 1070, im curious if 1070 have a good lifespan while mining. I heard on forums some old AMD running at least 3 years and still alive, but not many stories about 1070, so are they still alive after 8 months?

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