BIOS and UEFI As Fast As Possible

What fundamental things does a computer BIOS do, and what are the important differences between the traditional BIOS and the newer UEFI?

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  • Lionel Sanderson

    There was still a software BIOS on a ROM (flashable and it’s memory has always been dependant on a battery, to this day) back when you had to change settings with a jumper I’ve played with 286/386/486 systems then into Pentium 1’sEven super socket 7 used jumpers for FSB clocks and over clocking - All of these still had a BIoS

  • John Lucier

    B-roll of every component and device and software imaginable :)

  • kira san

    How did you get from BIOS to the ad lol

  • Gabriel Mathura

    the cars starter is what starts it

  • Roger Barraud

    s/ignition/starter motor/ ;

  • Amato Yoichi

    So how about a desktop pc that just light up no post no everything else just LED light upThis is so late

  • Naamloos Persoon

    Is UEFI an extention of BIOS, or does it work on them self without the bios?

  • Raoul Gerrits

    For anyone curious there are no bios settings mentioned here so keep searching

  • Preeze FX

    i pronounce eufi = wifi

  • Mr HazeBuns

    I have a problem, everytime i restart my pc i get to blue screen If i do not hit F11 so i get get to pop up window to choose which disk i want to start with and for this i need a ps/2 connection keyboard since a USB keyboard won't work and a few days ago my ps/2 port on my PC broke down and now i can't restart my PC since i'll get to blue screen if i do. I've read that i can activate the USB ports in the BIOS.. oonly i have to restart my PC to do this, iu'm very depending on my PC so i'm a bit scared to say the least. Is there a way to get into BIOS settings and activate the USB keyboard connection to "Enable" without restarting my PC?

  • Roger Barraud

    Linus was a house painter?:-)

  • Jack Neeleman

    You don't need a bios, just rip it out

  • FallenPasha

    BIOS isn't hardware and software combined, it's software. As you called it, firmware, which is basically software on a chip.

  • Scott WIGLEY

    Are you aware of a good "trusted" utility to backup and restore bios settings ?

  • Spikeeltorro

    I just flashed my bios. Mobo died...

  • Echo1975

    Basic input output system

  • Gábor Tóth

    Does my phone also has a bios?

  • Layke Findley

    Not going to lie, I only disliked this video because at the end he told me to suck it if I didn't like the video. Guy deserves success because he puts out great content, but I don't have to like your video because you told me to suck it otherwise. Enjoy!

  • Garegin Asatryan

    BIOS is not a fusion. It's software, pure and simple. It's actually an API. In reality there is no such thing as software. It's only a software from a human POV. The same way a book is just paper with ink on it. It's the human understanding of it, that makes it information.

  • And Mk

    Hi Techquicki, where can I get that shirt to buy? I have a similar one from H&M but it's getting old and I want a few more.

  • Sk Jain

    People want a techquickie video by dennis. Get on it linus.

  • Roger Barraud

    Actually, it is Morse code :-)[In some cases]...or at least can be represented as such for easier memorization.

  • Levent Dv.

    I took out problematic gpt ssd i had uefi windows 10 on, and installed mbr windows 10 on non uefi mode on my hdd. and then plugged again and formatted my ssd. But still when i boot it asks which operation system i want to boot? How can i get rid of this uefi ghost

  • IntellijProgrammer


  • Spookcord

    0:45 ins't that the kernel?

  • Raja Singh

    Ha Linus I had a problem with a 8gen Asus h370 plus motherboard. I am not able to boot my window 10 pendrive to install os on it. Can you help me with this?

  • Kayla Smith

    2:08 Um... so I get that multiple beep sound when my computer freezes and stops responding, and it starts responding again... is this a normal thing?

  • SaffronTown

    Can I play csgo without a bios?

  • Kyle Amoroso

    This makes me interested in learning more about how a BIOS actually works.

  • Uep Pep

    you didn't preach for UEFI enough, so dislike sorry

  • SlasheZ Tech

    I didnt get a speaker with my MOBO?? At least my machine works

  • Wolfgang Valdez

    It's not aDAge, it's Adage.

  • RYoungPDX

    I’m curious does anyone know what I should do? I have an firmware locked MacBook Pro. If I replace the motherboard would I be able to use it ?

  • Petar Z.

    Wrong!!! Surface not have BIOS beep sound. My Gygabyte MB with UEFI have problem to enter into BIOS menu due to keyboard is USB and not PS2. Why? I like this video and I am not from the last group of people which was mentioned at end of this video :)

  • Theju Gowda

    Can you explain abt selinux modes ?? Pls...

  • sadid mostafa bhuiyan srijon

    1:37 is the screen that comes as my bios after pressing delete. But where do I get the options like - information,main, security.....these! please help. i have a jetway motherboard

  • Manish Darnal

    thank you i like your teaching technique please upload this type of video more then more i am very loser you make me talent

  • Daniel.M. Irungu

    my laptop has this UEFI boot mode option but its off,so i was kinda wondering is it advisable to switch to it and what would it entail or rather what should i expect if i do.

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