BIOS and UEFI As Fast As Possible

What fundamental things does a computer BIOS do, and what are the important differences between the traditional BIOS and the newer UEFI?

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  • Doug Graves

    BIOS the last vestige of DOS. I remember when every screen looked like this. circa 1986

  • Espaço das Vendas

    the best canl of the world.

  • vicky kumar

    Can you make a video on lga 1151 chip set motherboard and it's bios.what it has new...

  • Eloygy1234 Plays

    I tought its called Built In Operating System lol but it's stupid to think so

  • jon williams

    my pc has been on since 2012

  • terry waller

    BIOS is the replacement for the old boot loader tape, boot loaders required manual input to tell the computer to read boot loader.

  • Natarajaguhan k

    sir during my bios update the action get failed, now it was dead. and how to solve this. pls help me. my laptop was lenovo b490

  • david groom

    P5qc motherboard the thing is as Zeus's actually needs some of the BIOS and older socket 775 poker runs so I can Xeon gpu is very few people that I actually would trust and watching a video about how the conversion works I've always wanted to see that board run that it's time that barb Australian cleansers off I actually had that works almost 15 years so I don't get to my mom and she bring it up one day sucks she tried to buy us so if you you could I know it's a lot of date for you but I'd love to see the video on how to do all that

  • Allen Shepard

    Thanks as always. Ahhh the days of pushing memory into DIP sockets and moving jumpers.

  • K2 Line

    One minute and 40 seconds of ads on a 5 minute 4 second video? Ok.

  • Jeff Thomas

    Suck It, really? How rude!!

  • 一郎

    Ridiculous dramatization.

  • Alex McDowell

    Unless you have Windows 10 and then try to install Linux Mint over that you run into serious problems

  • Crazy Clown

    What a irritating man

  • BombchuBot

    I always thought BIOS stood for Built In Operation System.

  • Andrey Franzhi

    Якась маячня. Хлопець overheating 🤔 So many mistakes in one video😣

  • Bip me

    My dell laptop turns on but stays blank without any beeps tho what is it?

  • Manohar Nelli

    Nothing said about UEFI

  • SkibosHyper

    So if I upgrade my motherboard (get a different one) do I have to get the bios updated

  • N G

    I don’t get it, why aren’t you selling me Ammo Car Polishes?

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    Odd to hear “BIOS” pronounced as “BIÓS” and “CMOS” as “CMÓS” ...

  • Deku Scrub

    "as fast as possible" starts comparing a bios to a fucking human brain, my god get on with it

  • Hans Meier

    Suddenly: WinBIOS.It's not like those graphical gizmos are anything new and quite frankly I'm not sure if I like the transition to mouse controls.

  • Willem D

    haha! 'kapoet' what is that german?-_- it almost sounds like dutch, say kapot next time thanks

  • Vinsen Liu

    My UEFi still using keyboard...

  • duck davis

    This made me want to blow my brains out. What a fucking idiot

  • Ivars Bezdechi

    "ah-dadge" ? No...."ad-age"....

  • Nguyen Trong Toan

    what happens if i disable secure boot ?

  • vgfx nw

    this guy is a real profesional, one of the best on youtube. brilliant explanation.

  • Tobiah Gonzalez

    HELP!! How do I get out of Bios? And back to Windows??

  • david groom

    Linus I'm going to tell you something guess I'd stop doing the whole computer check I'll try to OfficeMax 4 years ago I got so burned up on people tell me it was stupid things over and over and over again you have I have seen your video several times now okay I can try to keep up on slightly and so watching your videos actually make you want to go to another computer again yeah I beated tested Windows 7 I keep up the computer to do that I have the computer for a long time can you use an Asus p5q

  • TK Summoner 27

    Hey I'd like an answer asap, I recently reseted my pc and now windows doesn't reconize my keyboard or mice but bios does, any way to fix? I'll keep this post updated til we find a fix to help others too. Thanks

  • Richard Benjamin

    the bios was read only at one point, but you left out some important details. to upgrade it you got the new bios on an eprom and installed it. now the chip the bios is on can be flashed to upgrade the bios directly. you mention disk partitions less than 2tb, i remember partition sizes starting at 32mb. yes that is megabytes.

  • Akhira Toriyama

    it's about shit.. promotion..

  • Pripyat Bandit

    0:46 when your cpu is reincarnated Hitler. :P

  • Golden0Cloud

    What does the debug code Ab mean on a motherboard?

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