BIOS and UEFI As Fast As Possible

What fundamental things does a computer BIOS do, and what are the important differences between the traditional BIOS and the newer UEFI?

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  • Cats

    Thank you for your easy to understand explanation!

  • tienne dumouchel

    Lol he. Caught me off guard with the sponsor at t the end

  • Kenny Baiseri

    Thanks for the history lesson. Great information. So sorry you HAD to add a commercial - for that you get a thumbs down.

  • Tuna The Pro

    is there any way to download Energy Star BIOS on my PC?

  • Ed Ed

    you didnt explain uefi at all except that it handles larger hard drives!

  • AHB

    I build a new pc I'm stuck with as bios?I what comes 1st? Bios setting or Windows software installation?

  • David Grisez

    If you go far back in computer history to the 1960's computers did not even have a bios. The computers back then required set of machine language code on punch cards read by a card reader to get the computer operating.

  • Immortal Axolotl

    Nice UEFI propoganda. It’s a shame you don’t need UEFI for GPT though, otherwise UEFI would be legitimate.

  • Jommer De Luna

    Hi there? Please help me about not like this ASUS UEFI Bios Utility. I need safe mode (black screen)? Thanks for inform me update.

  • K 9 Poodle

    3:48 can we get old bios back?

  • GreedyFlygon

    Always wondered what that beep meant. Thought it was just my headset.

  • blackneos940

    0:30 We have a hammer, and we are number one! :)

  • Jarek Trathen

    I wish the 8 beep error on the Alienware M17x R3 was this simple.

  • Jake Higginbotham

    I have a question, is cache memory built into a motherboard or on board your cpu?

  • jose osorio


  • malik mehboob

    So bios is like a vertebral column or back bone.

  • Flowsnake

    YT could actually use a "suck it" sideways thumb

  • Shane

    Lol, if you dont like the video, you can suck it!

  • Arman Nagapetian

    side way thumb was hilarious

  • Down Here

    I love your videos! I can't help but keep noticing Linus either reaching for his phone or his microphone transmitter. He does it all the time, and its cracking me up.

  • Lachcon 275 Lifts

    FAKE I tried on every computer in my house and does not work

  • Didaka D

    "If u leave a dislike YOU CAN SUCK IT!"

  • The Laptop Lagger

    I prefer the bios user interface over that of UEFI but that's only because I've seen some spectacularly shit UEFI interfaces while the more basic BIOS interface (no mouse support no nothing) never failed me

  • Ridley On Steroids

    So, what about GPU's? How are they affected by this? Is newer bios required to run newer GPU's?

  • Ryan Borja

    Hahahaha "suck it", i seriosuly lol'ed

  • Dr Joseph K. Jones Phys,Ph.D

    I say the sidewayz thumb gag was pretty ok for the air or internet!There's been worse on YouTube....

  • RogueKing

    That promo came in super smooth

  • Pro Noob

    my bios can t show me the usb boot to windows 10 i have windows xp proffesinal

  • chimp3376

    I really like how you are trying to sell the analogy of the brain stem being the BIOS of a human.

  • Learni Previously The Paradigm Shift Group

    "It's not morse code" - laughing hard

  • 2 minutes to twelve

    Very well done video guys,

  • Stan Avezov

    Heart beats without the brain. Hence you can be brain dead but heart still beats!

  • *Keanu*

    Echt guter Vergleich, mit dem Gehirn und dem BIOS!

  • George Gates

    UEFI does NOT ALLOW you to put 3rd party drivers on a computer. So much for Linux. WERE DOOOMED!

  • Mutaher Ahmed

    i am using hp laptop and want to core 17 elite book and i want to enable virtualization option but i when i go to the advance setting i cant find firmware option instead i get start -up option any suggestions please

  • Bob Snyder

    Nope, you did not explain BIOS or UEFI. It was mostly just an ad.

  • George Gates

    UEFI does NOT ALLOW you to put 3rd party drivers on a computer. So much for Linux. WERE DOOOMED!

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