BIOS and UEFI As Fast As Possible

What fundamental things does a computer BIOS do, and what are the important differences between the traditional BIOS and the newer UEFI?

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  • The overlordHunter

    I know that beep sound it's very satisfying here

  • The overlordHunter

    I know that beep sound it's very satisfying here

  • ReoDJ

    Luckily my machine I have run UEFI instead BIOS. Now I configure how my system work

  • SkibosHyper

    So if I upgrade my motherboard (get a different one) do I have to get the bios updated

  • βαδιμ κοστεγ

    So much trolling shit going on in that video, it's freaking unbearable.

  • Lankster Price

    What can you do with a sideways thumb.... .Stick it where the sun never shines..

  • LANE

    I'm a big fan! You always make it simple! Thanks, Techquickie!

  • BombchuBot

    I always thought BIOS stood for Built In Operation System.

  • TheOnlyXenoT_T

    0:46 that socket tho

  • Michael Garofalo

    i pronounce uefi "u (silent e) fi

  • vicky kumar

    Can you make a video on lga 1151 chip set motherboard and it's bios.what it has new...

  • James' Trash Meme Channel

    My PC is so old, it doesn't even have uefi

  • Alicen Wonderland

    Dude that endorsement of fresh books at the end ... what they heck! Super irritating... it completely destroyed all the info you just presented... please don’t advertise mid tutorial! Say something like ... before I end this video I’d like to ... something like that ...

  • N G

    I don’t get it, why aren’t you selling me Ammo Car Polishes?

  • Guilherme jose

    Já pensou em legendar??

  • Satyam Barnwal

    Ok then let an antivirus dvd.. I break it into pieces then technically i also broke software inside it.

  • Satyam Barnwal

    During my pc use sometimes i heard some weird beep sounds from speakers.. Why?

  • Leo Nguyen

    This guy video's are stupid took him forever..... Get to the point

  • Deku Scrub

    "as fast as possible" starts comparing a bios to a fucking human brain, my god get on with it

  • capnzilog

    It's pronounced "Sea-Mahs!"

  • Ali Khan

    I have commented on one of your video that I love the way you end video


    Wait so that means the hp elitebook 8440p has UEFI not bios

  • Barb OBRIEn

    You're an excellent educator. Would you consider creating a training program for A+ certification students?

  • Andrei Dmitriev

    I first heard an 3x beep when I booted up, it restarted and I heard an single beep, now the issue is gone, still don't know why that as

  • Natarajaguhan k

    sir during my bios update the action get failed, now it was dead. and how to solve this. pls help me. my laptop was lenovo b490

  • Jeleel Meintjies

    thats my bios @ 1:37 the phoenix bios on foxxconn motherboards

  • vgfx nw

    this guy is a real profesional, one of the best on youtube. brilliant explanation.

  • Ronnie Roo

    No ram= beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

  • Alex McDowell

    Unless you have Windows 10 and then try to install Linux Mint over that you run into serious problems

  • Robert Drake

    what motherboard comes with a speaker??? Never once seen one and I've been building computers since 1991.

  • Trondyne

    OMG what was the point of making this video? You are so annoying, like Max headroom but less lovable.... Sorry but yikes....

  • John Doe

    Windows NT was rooted in the idea of separating the OS' dependency on the BIOS. UEFI serves to make the OS and device firmware as intertwined as possible. Windows 10 and its disregard for the user will create arbitrary EFI variables the first time it is ever booted. These UEFI variables will never be erased unless one completely reprograms the entire BIOS region on the SPI Flash. BSODs also create Bugcheck variables when in UEFI. I've seen where a machine suddenly loses the ability to boot to any UEFI OS and I am fairly certain that it's because of Windows crapping up the system firmware until it runs out of space or has an unexpected shutdown while flushing some arbitrary UEFI variable to the system firmware. I don't see how giving the OS control over the firmware by booting in UEFI mode improves security. Unless the hardware is considered a disposable item and the only important thing is the data contained on its storage device(s).

  • Andy Howard

    "Yoo-fee" there ya go you're welcome.

  • John Mar Jovely

    How to fix this (BIOS upgrade is processing. Don't turn off your computer) before i logoff my laptop ASUS this problem nothing happened. After i logoff and turn on again this thing is happen. How to handle this problem and how long it will be done..

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