GTX 1050 Ti vs. GTX 1060 vs. GTX 1070 Test in 10 Games

Far Cry 4, The Surge, Just Cause 3, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Total War Attila, War Thunder, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, World of Warships, Spec Ops The Line, Far Cry Primal - Gameplay Benchmark. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, GTX 1060 6GB, GTX 1070 8GB. Processor i7-6800K 4.2GHz. Grab games here:

Benchmark rig specs.
● CPU: Intel Core i7-6800K 6-Core 4.2 GHz [HT Disabled]
● GPU: MSI GTX 1050 TI 4G | MSI GeForce GTX 1070 GAMING 8G | MSI GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING X 6G
● Motherboard: MSI Gaming 7 X99A
● RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 2x16GB DDR4 2400MHz
● SSD: ADATA SP900 Pro 256GB & SP550 480GB
● System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

► Music
TFB3 - Vibe Tracks
Karma Fields - Build The Cities (feat. Kerli)
Aero Chord - Surface
Hero Theme - MK2

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  • christian nuñez

    no one notice, on the first test 1060 has no shadows.

  • BoxingBlueJ

    Can I have ur gtx 1070 pls

  • Ako

    Thanks for the video my dude. Trying to decide if its worth spending extra money on a laptop with 1060 over a 1050ti. Almost double the performance for like 90$ seems like an easy choice to me.


    Gtx 1050ti is black and gtx 1060 is burble you qnd your things are burbke

  • Cutsom

    gtx 1050ti 4gb - 140$ 30-45 fps ultra (In these games)gtx 1060 6gb - 240$ 50-90 fps ultra (in these games) <--- Recommendedgtx 1070 8gb - 450$ 70-110 fps ultra (In these games)

  • Denis Sebastian

    Great interest, more more ...)

  • timSter

    Only MSI xD I Lile it

  • Thomas Arias

    its the same but change the fps

  • Bananenpancake

    they all look the same for me.

  • wolfgang

    Hey guys! I never ask that before, but if you can share this video for friends, it will help me a lot to save money for upcoming RX Vega GPU's, thanks and have a nice day. 🤜🤛

  • DerLxcas

    Woflgang the gtx 1050 ti is a full hd graphics card sorry for my bad english im from german

  • Jeremy Freeman

    Amazing what the GTX 1050 TI can do for 169$. Even 4k in the 30s!! And much higher than consoles in 1080p. gonna grab one for my rig.To go with my PS4. Screw Xbox One X. 500$ my arse! Lol. This thing running DOOM up in the 80s...sweet 😊😉

  • Tendo Gamer

    one again no GTA 5 :(

  • darthdude

    guess my 1070 is better than I gave it credit

  • gustavo olivares

    Hey bro, what program do you use to monitor the hardware?

  • X AK

    your OSD setup are EPIC .. LOVE IT

  • william Gaming

    Could someone help me. im getting a i5 7400 with 8gb ram, should i buy the 1060 6gb or the 1070? what card is a better choice? is a 1060 good enough or should i really spend 100 more dollars for a 1070?

  • Tyler Park

    Will a GTX 1080 work with pornhub? I watch them in 4k with a VR headset for research purposes

  • Elimination

    GTX 1070, Perfect 1080p Card. Should last me 2-3 years.

  • DiegoAlanTorres69

    Why is Total War so bad with 1050 Ti?

  • juan jose tellez tobon

    someone is selling me a pc gamer and it says that is intel core i7 and has a gtx 1050 ti 4 gb ssc gaming i'd like to know if the gtx 1060 3gb is better.....because i saw a pc that got intel core i5 and gtx 1060 3 gb so guys what do u prefer a pc with: -intel core i 7 6700, ram ddr4 8gb, evga gtx 1050ti 4gb or -intel core i5 6400, 8gb ram ddr4, gtx 1060 3gb gddr5, please i want to know your opinion thanks

  • Hugh Adams

    Always my go to channel when I want the best comparison between different graphics cards.

  • Simon Novák

    wolfgang gtx1070 is msi, asus. gigabyte ?

  • Wasted VFX

    Far cry 4 seems pretty demanding.


    Hey Im back, Intresting video and It looks good :) I hate the cryptocurrency market thing :( rx 580 500 dollars :( Rip, Im gonna have to wait a few mounths..

  • sale83

    Is it me or there is no visual difference between 40fps 80fps and 120fps..I cannot spot any change.

  • Kazzboziik

    I love your videos, they help me a lotGreetings from Colombia

  • Devy Jons

    1050ti best choice for hobos

  • wolfgang

    00:00 Far Cry 401:31 The Surge02:52 Just Cause 304:07 Wolfenstein: The New Order05:21 Total War Attila06:20 War Thunder07:37 Spec Ops The Line08:45 World of Warships10:07 Far Cry Primal11:16 Ghost Recon Future Soldier

  • frybanshee139

    damn the 1050ti is a 150$ beast fuck mate

  • sparklingjuice02

    Is the CPU in all tests OC or no OC?


    next to your cpu ot says HT disabled. what does this mean?

  • Red & White

    Budget cards have come a long way

  • EnemyDown

    Which is bettee with these 3 ??? I can't see the difference

  • WaitWhat

    Do a 1080 TI on Player unknown battle grounds

  • Mistakor Sunlight

    not bad productivity at the price at gtx 1050ti.

  • The95fede95

    What is the program you use for OSD?

  • Hannes Öhman

    What happend to the GTX 1080?

  • Enot1X

    Record a video where you test the 1080 ti or easy 1440p + 1080pGame Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands please

  • barnectar

    how much does the video card memory matter in a comparison. And how important is RAM, is 8 gb enough for the newest games at max 60 fps? playing on 1080p.

  • Flake Satakor

    With an Intel Core i5-7600K, (and a 1070) will the fps be same?

  • Scorpion Anims

    I recommend trying Hero's an Generals, a free FPS with beautiful graphics, you can find it on steam. Thanks!

  • connn3

    1050 Ti Is 1080p Masterpeace , i guess 1440p killed it , but 30+ fps for Ultra 1440p is amazing.

  • Simon Novák

    ok thanks. and what is better? asus gtx1070 strix or msi gtx 1070 gaming x?

  • JoleeHonso

    the optimization for ghost recon future soldier is piss poor rofl. game came out in 2012 and a 1050ti which is slightly more powerful then a gtx 680 (top dog gpu in 2012) can only manage 40 fps? so basically you had to have a gtx 690 (two 680s) to play this above 60? crazy

  • big ben

    ultra settings are for retards,smart people play on high-0.0000000000000001%graphics diffrence and 20% fps difference

  • BrozeDonHD

    Gtx 1070 Really got me but its about €450 - €550 and I am building a €850 pc anyone tips to play: Gta, arma 3 , Batlefield , and most god games on 60fps im sure €850 can do it

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