RX vega 56 and rx 580 Electroneum hashrate

Electroneum mining Hashrate
rx vega with xmr cast:1900
rx 580 with claymore :680
  • yaK 🐃

    what is this programm u used there for overclocking?


    Where can we sell Electroneum?for ETH or USD :)

  • Luka Potocnik

    how come you are not running 580 in cast?

  • Shakeel Nawaz

    Please tell me.....Which Motherboard you use....

  • 616c6578

    damn ... do you recommend buying a vega ? how much did you spend for it ? how much ETN daily ?

  • Gam Vin

    Rx 580 if optimized can reach 1000 H/S.

  • eledero

    Hello. What's the brand of your RX 580's RAM?

  • RussianDreamBreaker

    I am reaching with 2x saphire rx580 4GB Only 800 H/s together. what i do wrong?

  • tom thomas

    ive got rx 570's doing 918h/s

  • Billy Pi

    How much power ( W ) vega 56 spends during this stage of ovrerclock?

  • Female Species Never Cares Honest Love

    How many coins u r getting with these two puppies a day !!Will u plz ans Thanks in Advance ☺

  • jon

    This makes me want a Vega 56 even more. Thanks for the info!

  • Burito1 Place

    Make a video on how to get vega and rx580 work together, and what drivers to install. Would my vega 64 rig just accept my Rx580 if I just plug it in? Or do I download a driver for rx580?

  • feldwebel2012

    my rx 580 has 900+ hashes i think you can get more out of yours

  • Khurshid Begum

    Thank you for the wonderful video...Can u please help me.....Please tell me the system configuration which you used in this video...because I need to purchase...

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